Natural Grasscloth Installation

Natural Grasscloth Wallpaper Installation

I would strongly suggest hiring a professional wallpaper installer (aka paperhanger) if you’re buying grasscloth wallpaper. Obviously, I am biased due to the fact I make a living installing wallpaper.

However, this is not the type of wallpaper you want to try to hang yourself if you have zero experience doing it. I have hung grasscloth many times, in all types of rooms, and I even make mistakes.

The material is very delicate and simple mistakes can cost you, especially considering the fact you’re paying $150+ per roll. Having said that, here are a few things you need to know if you want to tackle it yourself.

Plaster and Prime Walls

You’re walls need to be as smooth as glass before you install one sheet one grasscloth wallpaper. This involves plastering the walls if they are rough or textured and then adding a coat of primer to them. Depending on the walls, sometimes you need two coats. The idea here is to have a barrier between the wallpaper backing and your drywall. This will also prevent air bubbles from coming up a day after installation. Air bubbles may still come up, which you will need to smooth out, but they will be worse if the walls are not 100% smooth and clear from any debris.

Keep Your Hands Clean

This is made from 100% natural fibers, so any dirt, perspiration, or glue will ruin the wallpaper. Unlike vinyl wallpaper, it doesn’t wipe off with a damp cloth. Many homeowners, and myself I might add, have messed up their grasscloth by accidentally getting adhesive on the front. When this happens, you will have to cut that piece out because no amount of rubbing it will get the glue stain out.


Natural grasscloth wallpaper will have seams. I remember installing grasscloth in a bedroom and the homeowner was upset afterwards. Why? She saw seams and didn’t realize that grasscloth will always have seams because they are made from….grass. Look at two blades of grass and tell me if they are always the exact same color. They both will be green but a different shade of green.

Seams are part of the organic, natural effect grasscloth brings your room. Can’t get rid of them. If you want the grasscloth look, but don’t want seams, then you need to go with faux grasscloth. This wallpaper looks and feels like grasscloth but it’s made from vinyl.