Joanna Gaines Common Thread Wallpaper Bedroom Installation

Today, John Walz and myself ended the week by installing a gorgeous Joanna Gaines plaid print in Apollo Beach. The crew always loves it when we have a York prepasted wallpaper to install because they are a) easy to hang and b) don’t require glue. It’s made from a material called Sure Strip which means the material is made to be easily hung and taken down.

I always get asked by potential customers and other installers if I still wet the back on prepasted wallpaper. The answer is NO. At least with York Wallcoverings, there is no need. In fact, you can ruin the wallpaper if you add more glue. The wallpaper is manufactured in a way that you only need to wet the back. Make sure you really dunk the wallpaper in the entire tub of water so the glue on the back can properly activate.

Area: Apollo Beach, Fl

Pattern: ME1520

Pattern Name: Common Thread