Best Places To Buy Wallpaper

Best Places To Buy Wallpaper

Ah, so you want to buy new wallpaper but you’re overwhelmed on where to begin. Fear not! I will help you. I have comprised a list, which I will be adding to as time progresses, of good places to start your journey. It includes retailers of all budget types of style preferences so if you don’t see what you’re looking for at first…keep scrolling.

Wallpaper Boulevard

Wallpaper Boulevard has a selection of over 100,000 wallpapers in different colors, styles and themes. They carry everything, from the major national brands to smaller boutique lines. It’s crazy how many different kinds of designs are on the market today and they have them all. You should be able to find whatever you’re looking for no matter if you want designer prints or bargain discounts.

Farrow & Ball

Traditional English wallpaper at its finest. Farrow & Ball have been around since the 1930s and set the standard in British wallpaper manufacturing. They sell mostly classic stately prints like damasks, stripes and paisleys. Loved my millions, they have showrooms and an online retail store where you can buy their designs.


The great thing about Spoonflower is that you can design your own wallpaper. Ever been searching for a design you have in your head but just can’t quite find it. Well, with this company you can create your own unique design and have them print it for you. Hint: you’re not supposed to submit copyrighted images, however, I don’t think they really check.

With Spoonflower you are the designer instead of someone else. What’s also cool is that you can purchase other people’s unique design or sell yours. If you have ever seen a really cool wallpaper that you could not find anywhere else – chances are it was custom made at someplace like this.


Nobody does it better than Thibaut when it comes to designer wallpaper in North America. Their prints are absolutely gorgeous! They been around since 1886 and they are one of the oldest wallpaper companies in the country, next to York. They define luxury wallcoverings and your heart just melts looking at some of their designs.

De Gournay

This is top of the line opulent European (not sure if they started in England or France) wallpaper. De Gournay has a distinct reputation among well to do homeowners who want nothing but the best. Bring your checkbook for this one but it’s beautiful wallpaper if you can afford it.

Flavor Paper

These ain’t your run-of-the-mill wallpaper! Flavor Paper features funky patterns that you will ever love or hate. Either way, you’ll have an opinion. From Muhammad Ali to Andy Warhol prints, this retailer sets itself apart by being totally different. Consider Flavor Paper as the counterculture wallpaper retailer that was possibly started by Austin Powers.


I’m not a huge fan of far out Scandinavian designs but some people are and it’s gaining traction in the US.  Eskayel features wallpapers that seem like they were made by people on LSD. Modern printing techniques meet the trippy era of the 60s, I guess. Believe it or not, this website is extremely popular.

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